16 Jul

I visited 2 local agencies this week for some upcoming events that I am working on.  What I witnessed this week was the power of our Gifts.

The first stop this week was to photograph “A Day in a Life….” at a center in town.  The mission of this place is “to help young women to choose life for their babies, have healthier, pregnancies, and  ultimately become better parents.”

The second place I visited this week was a place that “provides help for troubled children and their families through residential care, day treatment/ alternative education, foster care, and many other services.”  

First of all, it amazes me in this small town that I live in, the power of the community pulling together to help each other.  This power comes from the Gifts we already have.  


We have these Gifts?  

Yes, out of His great love, God had provided all of us with abundance of gifts. This abundance of gifts has been given to us so that we can be a blessing to others. 


What exactly is that abundance of gifts that we are supposed to have….?

A dear-dear friend of mine stated it perfectly when she summed that we all could help in one of 3 ways.

Treasure, Time or Talent. 

Each component is just as viable as the other.  We can contribute in many different ways.  I think sometimes we are so stuck on the idea that it can only come in one form—-“Treasure”, in other words, money.  In fact it is ONE of the ways, but on its own it can’t survive or able to contribute effectively without the other 2 gifts: Time and Talent.  To me, it is a marriage and it takes all 3 of these components to fully be effective for an agency to truly help those in needs.

The 2 places I visited this week showed that we all can contribute in one of these 3 ways. When the 3 are bundled together –can you imagine what a powerful source that can be for our community?

Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others,faithfully, administering God’s grace in its various forms.

1 Peter 4:10

That sure got me thinking.  Am I truly using the Gift he has given me to serve others, and for His purpose?

Which of the Gift(s) do you think you possess?


Well since I can’t end a Photo Blog without pictures. This definitely fits the topic of Treasure, Time and Talent—-well maybe more in the category of Treasure and Time…Oh yes lots and oh boy they are worth it!!

Here’s a music video of the kids enjoying summer time fun. 

So sit back and enjoy this music video that I put together. Click on blue link below. Make sure your sound is on and up!







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