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07 Aug

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a LIFE by what we GIVE.”

 —-Winston Churchill


The 3 elements of Time, Talent and Treasure all weaved together beautifully Thursday night at the Women’s Care Center Benchmarks annual Auction held at Elcona Country Club.  

From the artists who created so many beautiful art pieces, to the volunteers who put in so much time behind the scene, to the guests who came and generously donated their money—–there was so much giving and selfless acts that evening.   

A few weeks ago, I was asked by a dear friend of mine to capture “A Day in the Life” at the Women’s Care Center to be used during the evening of the Auction and to exactly show what happened at the Center on a daily basis.

My husband and I always supported the Center, but to be honest with you, I have never been to the Center to fully understand all that went on behind it.  

It was truly a great experience for me and I learned so much  in the 2 days that I spent there.

I had the pleasure of meeting the incredible volunteers who work there.  Because they do this truly from their heart, I felt a great sense of love the moment  I walked into the Center.

I also had the privilege of meeting the clients who came to the Center to use the services.    Did you know that 1 out of 4 women in Elkhart County use the Women’s Care Center?

At the beginning, I wasn’t so sure how the clients would receive me being there photographing them.  I wanted to be very respectful of their privacy so I made sure that they knew what I was doing and was okay with the idea. 

I was  pleasantly surprised by the warm embrace I received. They allowed me to follow them through the process and allowed me to capture their most private and precious moments. 

One of the most touching moments was being in the same room capturing the preciousness of Life.  It was priceless to capture that very moment of the mom seeing her baby for the first time on  the ultrasounds screen. I saw so much love and joy that very moment. It left me speechless. 

I also had the privilege of following one mom into a counseling session as she shared her story to a counselor. I witnessed a counselor who listened and cared for this client.

I also met clients who took the Parenting classes to clients who use the incentive-based BABE store to redeem their coupons for diapers, clothes and baby foods.  

I met and  played with little children as they sat in the waiting room.  I was able to capture these beautiful children and saw the beauty of life from all different aspects. 

This was truly was one of highlights of my photography journey.  I feel truly blessed to be apart of this wonderful experience and to have this opportunity to capture all aspects of life. 

The theme of the Benchmarks Auction  was: LIFE, HOPE, LOVE, AND FAITH.

WCC represents all of these. 

Make sure you have your sound turned up and on and click below to view  video that I would like to share with you:

The Women’s Care Center.

Below are some of my favorite pictures.



One response to “FROM THIS MOMENT…|elkhart family photographer

  1. Theresa

    August 7, 2010 at 11:34 am

    Once again, Job well done Uyen! The video is such a nice representation of the WCC!


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