23 Aug

“Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.”—–Greg Anderson

My oldest is heading into 6th grade Middle school.  My 2 middle ones are heading into 4th grade, Intermediate school.  My youngest is heading to Kindergarten.  Wow—— 12 years of always having someone at home and now they are off to a new journey in their lives. 

This year is somewhat of a big year for each one of them as they are all heading into different schools and facing new situations. As a mom, this can send my world spinning!


I can choose to feel uncertainties as they all start their new schools; or I can choose to feel full of possibilities and the new friends they will meet. 

I can choose to be sad as I no longer have a little one around during the day to spend my time ; or I can choose find joy as this can be the time for me to work on spending more time with God.

I can wish that they need me forever; or I can find contentment that they no longer have to need me.

I can worry if they feel alone; or I can feel assured that they can learn to stand on their own.

I can wonder if they will make mistakes; or I can believe that they will choose to make good choices.


Life is all about choices. I can choose to see the situation as a glass half empty or I can choose to see it as a glass half full.

I can choose to fill my thoughts of uncertainties or I can choose to find joy in this new situation.

I am ready as they are to embrace all the possibilities ahead and trust that God has a plan and will direct all of us and where we need to go.   Life moves so quickly, it’s all up to me how I want to perceive this journey.

How about you? Are you finding joy in your journey or are you more troubled with the uncertainties? Are you ready to trust Him to direct you where you need to go?







One response to “AND OFF THEY GO….

  1. jamie

    August 23, 2010 at 11:21 pm

    Your words are beautiful my friend…and as always your photography rocks. Thanks for putting things into perspective.



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