WCC-Notre Dame Ave: “A Day in the Life”{South Bend Family Photographer}

12 Feb

“I’m here for you whatever this life brings
So let my love give you roots
And help you find your wings.” 

Mark Harris—Lyrics from “Find Your Wings”


The quote above couldn’t be a more fitting quote of what Women’s Care Center represents.  This Winter, I am honored to be collaborating  with the Women’s Care Center to visit 3 more of  their centers and to capture “A Day in the Life” at each of these centers.  If you recall, last August,  I blogged about my experience at the Elkhart center. The pictures I captured at that center were then used in a video at a Benchmark Fundraising event to raise awareness of the center.  Together with the leadership from a group of amazing women, the help of volunteers, financial contributions from donors, and talents from local artists—– using their  time, treasure, and talent  the evening  generated close to $300,000 and in  the last 6 years brought close to $2,000,000. 

When I was  approached with capturing “A Day in the Life”  for 3 more locations , I asked them to share with me their vision as to why capturing “A Day in the Life” was important.  With this response, I felt a leap in my heart and knew right away that this was a project that I want to collaborate.  

 “The purpose of the images are to tell our story, to show the joy that often exists at our centers and to encourage people to make contributions.”

Alot of the clients who come to “the Women’s Care Center have lives that are messy.  They are typically single and without resources.  They don’t see a way for a baby to fit in. Sometimes the counselors don’t even know what to say as they listen to women whose problems seem insurmountable….they listen and love unconditionally.  And in the process, somehow, young women fall in lofe with their unborn babies.  When women fall in love with their  babies, their babies are saved from abortion.  In the process, the mothers are saved as well.”  A. Manion, President.

This video is a glimpse of what my eyes saw that day at the Women’s Care Cemter, Notre Dame Ave location. I hope that all those who have contributed to this organization realize what a huge impact you have made and that you truly have been their angels. I look forward to visiting 2 more of their locations and blogging about them in the upcoming months. 

 Click below to see video

WCC: A Day in the Life.

These are some of my favorite images from that day to let you see the true beauty and joy of life.





One response to “WCC-Notre Dame Ave: “A Day in the Life”{South Bend Family Photographer}

  1. Janet

    February 14, 2011 at 4:53 pm

    Beautiful pics and what a great organization to partner up with.


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