Change is good!! My blog and FB are MOVING!

19 May

Hi everyone!!  To meet the demands of my business, I’ve decided to make some changes.  I think changes are good because these changes will line up more with my business vision creating a Boutique experience for you.

Although this blog has served me well, the first change I am making is my current blog now has MOVED!!  My blog now has its own domain name.  Please make note of this new address:

If you have subscribed to my blog, I have added you onto my new blog address so you should still continue to receive updates of recent sessions from me.  For others, please note of my new blog address and visit me there!!  This will be the last post at this address.

I LOVE my new blog design and excited for you to see it.  I think it will showcase the pictures better and also much easier to read.  Also, it reflects my style much better. Please make sure to hop on over there and bookmark it or subscribe to it so that you can get the latest sessions updates and thoughts from me. I’d love to get your feedbacks too!

The other change I am also making is JoyfulHeart also now has its own Facebook page.  I have started making this transition several weeks ago and soon  I will no longer post any photography-related stuff on my personal facebook account.  You can now see sneak peeks on my new photography facebook:

Be sure to visit me and become a friend by clicking “LIKE” when you are on the page.

I am very excited to approach the season as these changes will enable me to communicate better with you.

Thanks so much and see you over my new blog page!



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