Joy is All Around. Capture Yours!

One of the reasons why I love photography is being able to capture the litte things in life that we often forget. It’s amazing what the camera sees and how it can just capture the rawness and the beauty of life.

In twenty years, when we go through that old pile of photographs, what will our heart remember?  Will it remember the joy we experience even in imperfect times? Or will it remember that perfectly staged photograph with everyone saying  “cheese” and smiling perfectly for the camera?

To me, the true beauty of life lies in pictures that capture the rawness of the moment; it is where we can capture that scattered joy.

Joy comes in various forms…

…that last summer together as our graduating senior heading off to college

…it’s watching our children trying to climb high on that tree
…it’s hearing the sounds of their giggles
…it’s smelling a baby’s soft skin and holding their tiny little feet


I love capturing the unscripted moments, the unexpected, and capturing things the way life truly is: natural, raw and imperfect.



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