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I Hope You Dance|Elkhart family photographer


While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt























Dear M:  I had so much fun with you at the park that day. I hope you to continue to dance like you did for me that day. I love your sense of wonder and I think you are a mega super star in beauty, strength and personality. By the way, when I grow up I want your closet of clothes and shoes. I love your sense of fashion!  Thank you the D family for your complete trust in me capturing your beautiful precious daughter.  



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Don’t Fly Away| Elkhart Family Photographer

Lovely little ladybug
sent from heaven above
please watch over my garden
and fill it up with love.
~Author Unknown



I feel so blessed with meeting so many wonderful families and high school seniors since I began this photography journey.  It really has been something that feeds my soul.  I truly walk away gaining so much from each session.  

Each session, I walked away feeling blessed that I received the gift of experiencing joy from each family.

Each session has a different way of showing me what joy means.

This session brought me to a beautiful place of seeing joy through these children’s eyes and their world of wonders.
























  Thank you “K” family for a beautiful afternoon spent with your family. I enjoyed every minute of it with your family and your beautiful and sweet girls.  My favorite was when they found the lady bugs when we first arrived at the park. I also love it when the girls were so thirsty that they drank from the water sprinkler. Priceless!  Thank you for opening my eyes and allowed me to see the beauty of joy in your children.









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The Promise |Middlebury Family Photographer

“The best family path is the road travelled together” Wess Fessler

I have the pleasure of getting to know this special family about a  year ago when they moved here from Atlanta.  The mom went to high school with my husband and moved back to the area with her family. Her 3 boys are  the same ages as my boys so we bonded instantly.  Even though I know her for a short time, I feel like our friendship has quickly blossomed into something special.  When she asked me to photograph her family, I was thrilled.  The first thing that came to my mind was to keep her boys busy. I thought spending the afternoon at a park would be a perfect way to keep them occupied. So that it doesn’t seem like a “photoshoot” for these boys, I suggested my friend to pack a picnic for her family.

It was a beautiful and warm Fall day…..just a perfect day for that picnic in the park and for the “F” family’s photoshoot.  I had all these great ideas for the photoshoot. Oh yes, I even have the perfect spot by the pond for their picnic too.  Maybe I could even capture my friend leisurely relaxing my her husband’s side and the boys all gathered around them playing tags. 

I quickly discovered that a quiet picnic was not what these active boys had in mind.   I also quickly learned that I needed to be in full speed with E, J and S if I wanted to be part of any of their actions!

I think in the first 15 minutes they climbed trees, tread in the water, explored nature, and even tackled each other! I don’t think they even sat still for their picnic!

I love that this session was so natural and reminded me of that old fashioned feeling and family time spent together. 

My friend picked out the song, “The Promise” by Tracy Chapman to go with this session video that I made for her family.  It is a perfect song and the words are very moving.  Try listening to that song while editing this session. Whew! The song reflects the deep love parents have for their children and that we always want them to know they always have a place to come home. As my friend said, this is “The Promise” she wants to make to her family.

Ofcourse, I started reflecting on my own kids and how fast they grow up and reflecting on the words of the song.  Tears…Tears….

Thank you for trusting me capturing this special time spent together! I hope that I have captured the joy that you find in your children daily. May you continue to be blessed with many special memories your family build together.








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Stay Beautiful |Granger Senior Photographer

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to be over;

it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”  -Unknown


This quote couldn’t be more fitting of the session. The day of this photoshoot was terribly overcasted, cold, and dark with chance for scattered showers.  I almost postponed the session but my client, L , was so upbeat and ready to embrace the day.  Her contagious positive attitude convinced me to go with the flow. 

I am so glad we decided to because we had such a great time  as we were trying to stay ahead of the possible showers that seemed to be hovering over us that day.   The day became quite an adventure as we seek out to find well lit locations and ended up trying new places I hadn’t thought of.  I had such a fun day and felt like a high school kid again!

I love the lesson I learned that day.  “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to be over; it’s about learning to dance in the  rain.”

The best of luck to you, “L”,  as you continue your journey in dancing.  May you continue to “dance in the rain”  and Stay Beautiful with your contagious positive outlook and spread this wonderful lesson to others.  Thank you for such a fun day.  What a nice surprise at the end when “L’s” bestfriend was able to join us and shared the adventure with us. 














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Unwritten|Elkhart Senior Photographer

“La prima pagina si apre con “oggi”,                           

 il resto e’ ancora da scrivere.”                             

“Today is where your book begins, 

 the rest is still unwritten. “





In  photography, light is essential.  Most people tend to shy away from overcast days and thinking that the ideal condition is a bright day.  While there is some truth to that but overcast days can open up to possibilities as well.  When I shoot on days like that, I am forced to look at different sources for lighting.  It forced me to use creative angles.  And it forced me to think outside the box.  To tell you the truth, I have a deep affection for overcast days.  It can produce beautiful images.   The light is diffused and I just love how the colors turn out when I process the images.                                   

This seems true to in life.  We all love perfect days and we shy away when conditions are less than perfect.  To me when I look back , those less than perfect times in my life, usually turned out to be the most “melodious” and vibrant timesThose were the times that forced me to come out of my comfort zone.  I now could reflect on those times and realized how those moments provided me with opportunities and gave me a different outlook on things.                       

The day of this photosession was an overcast day.  What I was most impressed with was how G just embraced the day.  She created the day and made a day full of  possibilities despite of how cold and windy it became.  Her beautiful smile and vibrant personality brought all the colors we needed for this session.                        

We all had such a fun day as we explored and ventured to so many unique locations.  One of my favorite surprise part of the day was this beautiful barn G’s mom found for us.  To me it was a hidden gem.   Along the way to our beach destination, we stumbled on another surprise that we had to stop.  We were able to add in the railroad tracks as an element to G’s session.   When we finally arrived at the beach,  it got colder and became even more windy.  G’s willingness to weather through the cold and wind brought the most amazing pictures at the beach.                       

G–I hope you are enjoying your wonderful senior year.  As you start college and open a new chapter of your book, I hope that you continue to find joy in all circumstances just like you did our session day.  I hope you continue to  “Live your life with your arms wide open.  Today your book begins. The rest is still unwritten.”      

Thank you to G’s mom for the eloquent italian translation of the quote and for the fun locations that you have found to make this such a creative session.                                                  

























































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A PLACE IN THIS WORLD|elkhart senior photography


Do not follow where the path may lead. 

 Go, instead, where there is  no path and leave a trail.

{Ralph Waldo Emerson}


What a perfect Sunday it was for this photoshoot.  I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful and sweet Senior to photograph. 

I just love mixing old with new. I love decorating this way as well. In fashion, I also love to experiment with this look.  I used to do this quite a bit—- mixing old and new into my fashion—-well that was way back in the days when I was in college and when I was out working in the fashion retail world after I graduated.  Yes, that seemed so long, long ago…  Over the years as I was busy raising my kids, any fashion interests somehow got pushed way down the priority list along with many other things.   

Perhaps my sense of fashion is not where it needs to be at the present,  but I can definitely entertain the idea of incorporating a little bit of fashion flair into photography. Just how I love decorating with vintage-inspired pieces,  this session inspired me to bring this piece into my image crafting. Since I am eclectic and I never can do everything with the same look, I also played around with the colors in some of these urban-inspired backgrounds. Thanks “E” for allowing me to capture your special day and your great fashion style and personality inspired me to have fun and add a twist of flair into processing your pictures.  Enjoy your senior year!

 Below are some of my fav pics from session:



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I visited 2 local agencies this week for some upcoming events that I am working on.  What I witnessed this week was the power of our Gifts.

The first stop this week was to photograph “A Day in a Life….” at a center in town.  The mission of this place is “to help young women to choose life for their babies, have healthier, pregnancies, and  ultimately become better parents.”

The second place I visited this week was a place that “provides help for troubled children and their families through residential care, day treatment/ alternative education, foster care, and many other services.”  

First of all, it amazes me in this small town that I live in, the power of the community pulling together to help each other.  This power comes from the Gifts we already have.  


We have these Gifts?  

Yes, out of His great love, God had provided all of us with abundance of gifts. This abundance of gifts has been given to us so that we can be a blessing to others. 


What exactly is that abundance of gifts that we are supposed to have….?

A dear-dear friend of mine stated it perfectly when she summed that we all could help in one of 3 ways.

Treasure, Time or Talent. 

Each component is just as viable as the other.  We can contribute in many different ways.  I think sometimes we are so stuck on the idea that it can only come in one form—-“Treasure”, in other words, money.  In fact it is ONE of the ways, but on its own it can’t survive or able to contribute effectively without the other 2 gifts: Time and Talent.  To me, it is a marriage and it takes all 3 of these components to fully be effective for an agency to truly help those in needs.

The 2 places I visited this week showed that we all can contribute in one of these 3 ways. When the 3 are bundled together –can you imagine what a powerful source that can be for our community?

Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others,faithfully, administering God’s grace in its various forms.

1 Peter 4:10

That sure got me thinking.  Am I truly using the Gift he has given me to serve others, and for His purpose?

Which of the Gift(s) do you think you possess?


Well since I can’t end a Photo Blog without pictures. This definitely fits the topic of Treasure, Time and Talent—-well maybe more in the category of Treasure and Time…Oh yes lots and oh boy they are worth it!!

Here’s a music video of the kids enjoying summer time fun. 

So sit back and enjoy this music video that I put together. Click on blue link below. Make sure your sound is on and up!







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